Choose Winter Motorcycle Gloves or Summer Motorcycle Gloves for Riding?

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Winter Motorcycle Gloves:

When cold months of the year are approaching, In addition to having our motorbikes ready, we must prepare the winter equipment like Winter Motorcycle Gloves. Therefore, the low temperatures do not catch us by surprise on the bike. In this post we will talk about winter motorcycle gloves and the characteristics they must meet to combat the cold and offer safety.

Within the biker's equipment, Motorcycle gloves are extremely essential. Indeed, it works as a safety element, increasing protection in case of fall (hands are usually the first thing that touch the ground) or blow by loose stones. On the other hand, it works as protection against the inclemency of weather, such as rain or cold.

In addition, Winter motorcycle gloves are essential to ensure maximum comfort, offering the best grip to the handlebar of the bike and avoiding annoying chafing or slips caused by sweat.

There are motorcycle gloves with different characteristics, some of them lighter and breathable, designed to be used in summer. Others, however, seek the best insulation against the cold or rain and, therefore, are more suitable for winter.

Winter motorcycle gloves: this is how they should be

One of the keys when choosing winter Motorcycle Gloves is size. Ideally, do not be too tight and there is a small space between the tips of the fingers and the fabric of the glove. That way, you will create a hot air bag and prevent cold from entering your hands.

  • Winter Motorcycle gloves should be thick and incorporate several layers, at least one of them waterproof. In addition, they must be of long cane, to avoid that there is space between the jacket and the glove.
  • With regard to materials, the ideal is to bet on the textile over the skin (leather, cow skin, etc.) as it has greater impermeability and better breathability. The sanity (nylon) is one of the most desirable materials, provides protection against cold and wind and usually has good value and price.
  • Other materials such as Goretex or Hipora, which is waterproof, provide greater resistance to abrasion (although not as much as leather motorcycle gloves). You can also choose winter gloves specifically designed to protect from the wind, the so-called wind stoppers, made of polyester and polyamide.
  • Closures are also important, they must guarantee that there is no cold or water on hand. Ideally, gloves should be combined with various zipper to ensure a better fit.
  • A rain makes the gloves easier to slide on the handlebar. Therefore, good winter Motorcycle gloves will incorporate a strip of non-slip material in the palm of your hand.

Just like summer motorcycle gloves, winter motorcycle gloves should incorporate protections for fingers, wrists and palms.

Winter Motorcycle Gloves VS Summer Motorcycle Gloves

If we stick to some pure summer Motorcycle Gloves almost all are usually short. They offer a little less protection but leave a little more ventilation between the end of the sleeve of the motorcycle jacket and the start of the glove.

If you catch a shower in summer remember that these gloves do not wear waterproof fabrics. You can pull on thin, waterproof outer gloves, or suffer the rain until it escapes. The best way to dry up is to continue going by motorcycle, of course. A good trick to dry the gloves is to leave them near the engine so that with its temperature it dries them while we have a coffee.


Make sure that the gloves are approved according to the provisions of EN-13.594 (for European product) or ANSI/ISEA 105 for US product.

For their certification, the gloves must pass different tests that include checks of their resistance to tearing, to the abrasion or resistance of their seams, the materials of which they are composed, the pH of the leather, their indexes of chromium content, sizes, ergonomics, protections and fasteners.

It is also interesting to look at other small details. For example, there are winter motorcycle gloves that incorporate a rubber strip on the thumb to clean the visor in case it is very wet and prevents us from seeing correctly.

There are heap of brands and type of gloves available in the market to choose from. Obviously, the pocket is another factor when we consider buying a protective gear. Not all expensive gloves would guarantee satisfying your need and on the other hand, not all budget gloves mean they would not do the job. You just got to be little careful when picking a riding gloves for you. When it comes to balance of quality and the price, then look no further but Gentry Choice. Checkout the collection of winter motorcycle gloves here and pick the best without hurting your pocket.

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