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Motorcycle Jackets are not the only attires that are meant to give you protection when you are riding on a bike. There are motorcycle shirts that are easy to wear and come with lots of benefits! When you look at these shirts for the first time, you will think these are the casual shirts, the ones you wear maybe everyday when you go out. But actually they are supposed for your protection.

Let’s have a look on some of the features and benefits these Kevlar shirts offer you:

Kevlar Shirts in Australia


It’s not Leather!

Leather is an entirely different material. Although it is well-known for its style and protection feature, but Kevlar motorcycle shirts are not made of it. It is the flannel that makes these shirts cool and distinctive. Flannel is a soft fabric that is either made from synthetic fiber, cotton or wool. It might not have that shiny surface like that of leather but it is much lighter and suitable for even summer days. So, it is best to wear flannel shirt instead of leather jacket while riding your bike in intense sunlight.

Motorcycle Kevlar Shirts in Australia


You will Love the Patterns!

Yes, of course you will! Kevlar flannel shirts are not the boring ones that you will like to throw outside of your wardrobe. They have patterns that make you a fashionable being. The check pattern is most beloved one. The crossed horizontal and vertical lines represent that the shirts are enriched with smart pattern. Not just this, but the colors are also vibrant and suitable for a man’s personality. Usually the shades include blue, grey, white, red and black. How can these colors and patterns hide your appearance? So wear them and enhance your visibility!

Kevlar shirts


There are Lots of Pockets

Pockets help you to place your essentials carefully especially when you are on a ride. You are not supposed to carry each and everything in your hand. Kevlar motorcycle shirts allow you to place them safely in multiple pockets. There are also hidden pockets in places like shoulders, elbows and back so that you can add extra armour or remove it. In some of the shirts, you will also observe deep zippered pockets.

The biggest advantage of these shirts is that they look like everyday clothing. The casual appearance and soft fabric make you a humble and friendly person. 

Choose Gentry Choice!

Why to choose Gentry Choice? Because it offers huge advantages. This online marketplace is not ordinary. It focuses on both quality and price. You will never see durable and long lasting motorcycle shirts in Australia like the ones that are sold here. Wide set of variety with lots of benefits is what Gentry Choice meant for! The reasonable prices let each person fulfill his dreams. View the product details on the official website, select what you like the best, compare the price with your budget and hit the add to the cart option. You can even choose the right size like small, medium, large, extra large and so on.

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May 21, 2021

Yes I was wondering how to find the green plaid Kevlar flannel??


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