Leather Motorcycle Jacket VS Fashion Jacket

Leather Motorcycle Jacket  have played a significant role in the biking and fashion industry. Style and appearances are the main priorities of fashion jackets while incorporating protection is the most essential reason to get a motorcycle leather jacket. Fashion jackets are primarily created to make you appear attractive. While this is a noble goal, it does little to protect you from bike injuries.When it comes to choosing between the two, there are several factors to consider.

 Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Material Leather Motorcycle Jacket:

 The leather used for everyday use is soft, supple, and lightweight because it is intended to be worn indoors. Leather motorcycle jacket are classified as "technical clothing," which means they must have a lot of safety equipment. Consider this: can a piece of paper support the weight of a rock? No. Similarly, thicker leather is utilized for the safety gear to stay in place, even thicker than the safety gear, to resist the weight of the safety gear and all the decorations on top of the Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

 As a result, in this situation, either a COW or a Buffalo hide is utilized since the thickness is more significant and the skins are more robust. Genuine Biking companies prefer genuine leather to non-leather clothing to keep riders hydrated and comfortable even while riding for lengthy periods. Remember that leather breathes and ventilates, so choose wisely.

 Cow and Buffalo hides have inherently coarse grain, and when processed at a thicker gauge, they develop a natural grain pattern that is rougher than Lamb's, giving them a rugged appearance.

 Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Manufacturing Leather Motorcycle Jacket

 If you're looking for a leather Motorcycle Jacket to ride in, the first thing you should look for is a business that specializes in motorcycle gear. No matter how much a leather jacket from your favorite fashion label costs, it will not provide you with the same level of protection as a jacket produced by a professional motorcycle gear company. This is since creating motorcycle jackets necessitates unique considerations. Thickness, burst resistance, abrasion zones, stitching location, types of fasteners, and extra amour are all factors to consider.

 A specialist Leather Motorcycle Jacket maker will have done extensive research and testing to guarantee that their goods provide the protection you need in the case of an accident, rather than merely looking nice on the catwalk.

 Seam & Stitching

 The seams and pockets for protectors will be the most noticeable differences. When you fall, your jacket will have a unique type of seam that will keep it from coming apart.

Stitching is another significant distinction between a fashionable Leather Motorcycle Jacket and one suited for riding. When riding a motorbike, you assume a particular stance. Your arms are extended, and your back is curved as you ride. This sort of position exposes your wrists and lower back when wearing a regular jacket. A fashion jacket's sleeves are also designed to look best when your arms are relaxed. They will generate resistance on your shoulders and arms in a riding position, causing fatigue.

 To keep your spine and kidneys covered when riding, a well-designed leather motorcycle jacket will be longer in the back. It will include pre-curved sleeves for comfort and somewhat longer sleeves with closures to keep your wrists covered and allow you to control airflow on chilly days.


 The thickness of the material is the next factor to consider when purchasing genuine motorcycle leather jackets. Biker jackets are prone to more wear and tear due to the abrasive wind and the need for protection in the event of a fall. As a result, they must be more durable and thicker than regular fashion coats.

 Fashion Jackets only endure 0.2 to 0.5 seconds against heavy abrasion. Supple calf leather may feel nice, but it won't provide the same level of protection as a thicker option. As a general guideline, look for a leather jacket that is at least 1.2 to 1.4 millimeters thick. Although it may not appear to be much, this corresponds to about 4 seconds of sliding time.

 Doubling the leather thickness raises the amount of protection tenfold. Two layers of 1.4mm leather can provide abrasion protection for up to 18 seconds. To maximize safety, specialized motorcycle jacket employ various thickness leathers and layers in different locations.

 So, keep these items in mind when you shop for your new leather motorcycle jacket. Don't settle for anything that prioritizes appearance above functionality. As motorcyclists, our chances of getting hurt are already higher; therefore, do everything you can to protect your skin.


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