Choosing Right Motorbike Boots For Safe Riding


Choosing the perfect pair of Motorbike Boots is no easy task. There are myriad different things to consider while buying yourself some nice biker footwear not to mention selecting the right size, so choosing a pair can be pretty tricky at times. But have no fear, for we will help you choose the best motorbike boots to go along with your bike and the rest of your attire. Through this comprehensive guide, we are going to give you a detailed look into how many different kinds of boots are available and how you can find the right boot size. We’ll give you all the information you’ll need to buy yourself your next pair of Motorbike Boots.

What are the qualities of a good pair of Motorbike Boots?

Before we dive into the vast world of motorbike boots, we must first ask why owning a pair is essential for every rider. People generally believe that any firm, robust and protective pair of boots can help a rider get by, but we think that's not an ideal solution at all. You can't just replace motorcycle boots with any other pair you could buy off of a shelf from a shoe store. The dangers involved in motorbike riding are so great that investing in proper protective gear is of paramount importance.

Good motorbike boots will provide stability in crashes and protect against pretty much all sorts of motorcycle hazards, plus they won’t wear out as fast as regular work boots. You must also consider that every time you stop, you’ll have to support your entire body weight on top of the weight of the bike, so a regular boot won’t cut it. Needless to say, choosing sandals, sneakers, flip-flops, or any such footwear that doesn’t cover the entire foot and ankle is completely out of the question. So all things considered, every rider should indeed invest in a good pair of riding boots.

Types of Motorbike Boots

Motorbike Boots


We admit that it can sometimes be very confusing to browse the world of motorbike boots especially because of how vast it is, but don’t fret because we’ll help you search through all sorts of different styles and materials, and then we’ll jump into sizing and fitting.


Sport boots

Motorbike Boots

These are the kind of boots you usually see professional motorbike riders (the guys from Moto GP) wearing. Sport boots offer the most premium brand of on-road protection. They will save their wearer from all manner of twists, slides, and hyperextension. Moreover, you can use their tactile feedback controls to your advantage as well. In addition to that, they come with replaceable hard parts, so whenever you wear down a metal slider, just get a new one installed. Though they aren’t the most comfortable of our selection, they have their fair share of plus points. Couple them with a pair of touring boots and you’re all set for long bike rides.


Touring boots

Motorcycle Touring Boot

Touring boots are specifically designed to make motorbike riding for longer durations of time as comfortable as possible. They are the perfect mix of protection and wearability as they are incredibly comfy, waterproof, and come in a range of different heights. Yes, they do not check all the fields that sports boots do and also aren’t the most stylish choice, but for any motorbike rider who’s touring, comfort is the main concern anyway, and that is what touring boots deliver.

Dirt boots

Motorcycle Dirt Boots

If you plan on going off-road, you’d definitely need a protective pair of boots to keep your ankles, feet, and shins safe from harm. Look no further than a good pair of dirt boots. They guarantee ultimate protection from all possible off-road injuries, that's why they are naturally full height. If black isn't your preferred color, don't worry because dirt boots come in an insane variety of colors! They aren't too comfortable though and usually aren't waterproof either, but they do their job very well and keep your feet safe during all off-road adventures. 

Street boots

Street Riding Boot

This is the choice of a vast majority of motorbike riders. Since they are usually out on the road, street boots are a perfect fit. Also, there’s a wide selection of styles to choose from, so every rider can find something they like in them. They don’t strike the perfect balance between comfort and safety, but they are very easy to put on and can even pass for casual streetwear. These bad boys are pretty easy to find. They do offer pretty decent styling versatility, but as we have already pointed out, they don’t provide as much protection as proper sport boots do. Another drawback is the laces, which as every rider already knows, aren’t the best choice around the intricate moving parts of your motorbike.

Which Motorbike Boots Should You Go For?

Now that we are done going through the different types of Motorbike Boots, we must address boot sizing. We strongly recommend every motorbike rider that their road boots should fit perfectly. There’s usually a shoe size measuring Bannock device present at every decent shoe store. It’s best to measure your size before trying on a pair of Motorbike Boots and finally making a purchase.

You should always thoroughly check a pair before buying it. Try walking around in them and notice any discomfort such as pinching or crushing. Of course, you must consider the purpose of the boot in mind. Not all shoes are going to be super comfortable, but sometimes, minor adjustments can be made to the boot, and they will make wearing it a better experience.

Another thing to look out for a while selecting a pair of road boots is foot width. Sometimes, a boot would fit your size perfectly from heel to toe, but your foot would still have room to wiggle around from side to side because of the foot width of the shoe being more than necessary. Though before exchanging or replacing the boots with another pair, do consider changing the kind of socks you’re wearing.

We hope all this information will make your next Motorbike Boots purchasing a better experience.



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