Looking for a Biker style motorcycle Leather Vest in Australia?

When you think of motorcycle riders – or bikers, as they are usually referred as – you think of cool guys with beards wearing leather chaps and a leather vest.  As stereotypical as that seems, leather vests are a staple for many bikers.  Men’s leather vests started as an act of rebellion – following World War 2, motorcycles surged in popularity and men often cut off the sleeves of their jackets in protest of society’s increasingly negative view of bikers.  Motorcycles etched their way into modern culture particularly during the “biker movies” of the 1950’s, like Marlon Brando’s movie The Wild One. 


Leather Vests Collection

Why the leather vest?

The leather vest looks great, but does it serve a real purpose?  Many bikers place various patches with sentimental meaning on the vests.  While the vests don’t help much if the weather turns cold mid-ride, they do offer a layer of clothing that can be added or removed to improve comfort. 

Many leather vests come with functional pockets where things like lighters or sunglasses can be stored for easy, quick access.  Motorcycles don’t come with center consoles to store your miscellaneous items.

Functionality and weather aside, leather vest are a huge part of the biker tradition.  People who ride motorcycle are a part of an entire culture that has been around for many years.  It’s a look that is immediately recognizable and respected.

Does style on motorcycle riding matters to you?

Leather motorcycle jackets are available in quite intricate and original styles.  While the general design is as a sleeveless waistcoat, there are many variations.  Zippers, hooks, or sometimes laces can be seen on the vests.

Given the popularity of the American television show Sons of Anarchy, Gentry Choice, premier seller of Biker Vests in Australia, even sells motorcycle vests based on the ones seen on the show.  Gentry Choice offers customers quality leather motorcycle clothing accessories featuring both newer styles and the classic styles of Brando, Harley Davidson and many other styles.

Why to wear a motorcycle Leather vest?

Let’s be honest – looking cool is the main reason you should wear a motorcycle leather vest.  Something about the sleekness of leather can make any type of clothing look cool. 

As motorcycles were seeping their way into popular culture, motorcycle clubs arose throughout the world.  Each club has a distinctive patch as an emblem to sew onto a leather vest, proudly displaying your affiliation with the particular club.

Is leather vest essential?

The motorcycle leather vest may be overshadowed by the leather chaps, but it is still an important article of clothing any reputable biker must own. The biker’s vest is essential to completing a cool ensemble worthy of riding that steel horse.

Where to buy the best motorcycle Leather Vest ?

You will find many places around you to buy a vest. Many claiming the quality being the reason for their high prices and others will talk about authenticity or a brand name to charge you high. Certainly, the design is individual's choice, however the quality of the leather and it's stitching is as important to ensure you get something which last longer for the best return of your investment, feels comfortable when riding and boost your confidence on motorbike.

The best place to purchase your new vest is the leading seller of leather vest Australia. With many different styles available – including Sons of Anarchy vests – Gentry Choice has something for every different type of biker personality. Our inventory is made of high-quality leather while offering the lowest prices for men’s leather vests. When you are looking to buy a leather vest online, look no further but Gentry Choice – that’s where you will find a quality motorcycle gear for the lowest prices in the market.

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john hastings

May 31, 2019

Nice blog of Leather Motorcycle Vest for men. Admin i really appreciate your efforts for introducing latest arrival of vest.


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