• Is Motorcycle Hoodie A Good Alternative of A Motorcycle Jacket?

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    When spring is coming, the temperatures are moving towards Plus Grade, the snow is almost gone and the motorcycle season is almost within reach. Perfect, if there was not the important question Which motorcycle jacket is best?

    Which Motorcycle Jacket to Buy

    The product range of motorcycle jackets is huge, the various standards also unmanageable and cryptic. Perhaps, you want a leather jacket, or rather a textile jacket, and so on. So, which motorcycle jacket to buy? We will discuss further below!

    For those of you who short answer, here are the most important criteria summarized in one place:

    • Weather resistance
    • Rather textile jacket
    • security
    • Observe DIN standards for protectors. Be sure to use back elbows and shoulder protectors.
    • Close fit
    • It is imperative to keep textile jackets tight, preventing flapping and protectors must be very tight for safety
    • Everyday life or racetrack

    Below, you will find some tips to choose the best motorcycle jacket and whether you should consider buying Kevlar Hoodies. Let’s begin!

    Tip # 1: Consider Kevlar Motorcycle Hoodie

    Kevlar is a synthetic fiber. It was discovered by Stephanie Kwolek in 1965 while working for DuPont. The discovery of this strong material was a revolution. To date, it is usually used for various purposes such as material for the manufacture of sports equipment, bullet-proof vests, aeronautics wear, and the automotive industry.

    Buying Kevlar Motorcycle Hoodie will ensure you the following benefits:

    • Water resistance: Kevlar does not decompose due to water or moisture.
    • Fire and Cuts resistance: Due to its tight particle, it is resistant to flames and cuts
    • Durability: It does not lose quality because of fungi or bacteria.
    • More resistant than steel: Kevlar® can be up to five times more resistant than steel under certain circumstances.

    Tip # 2: Protectors

    If you buy a motorcycle Hoodie or a Jacket, you should first look at how thick and how big a protector is. The larger the larger the area on which the impact energy is distributed.

    Tip # 3: Zippers & Vulnerabilities

    The safety-relevant bodies should be better examined. These should make a robust and stable impression. Scrubbing areas such as shoulders and elbows should be double-layered or even better equipped with Kevlar. These places may not chafe through a stub.

    Tip # 4: Weather resistant

    Unfortunately, the weather is not always dry and the tour still wants to be finished. Various jackets offer extra removable membrane for ventilation under clothing. Depending on the weather conditions you want to drive, the right clothes should be chosen. We have already dedicated ourselves to the topic of waterproof jackets under the following page -> Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

    In dry weather, a motorcycle hoodie would serve as good as a jacket when it comes to safety, given that you have your armors installed and the Hoodies is lined with quality Aramid fiber.

    Tip # 5: Try on

    With the correct information and right size chart, you can quickly find the right Hoodie and order it online. At home, this can be tried on comfortably in front of the mirror. Always make sure that the hoodie or the jacket fits well and tight. The protectors must not slip. For textile jackets always wear tight, this prevents the flutter.

    Conclusion "Which motorcycle Hoodie to buy"

    With our 5 tips above, you should now be able to have a clear decision as to which motorcycle safety Hoodie is right for you and what criteria it must meet. Visit our catalog to see more option of Kevlar Motorcycle Hoodie!

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  • Which Motorcycle Gloves for Winter or Summer Riding?

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    motorcycle riding gear

    When cold months of the year are approaching, In addition to having our motorbikes ready, we must prepare the winter equipment. Therefore, the low temperatures do not catch us by surprise on the bike. In this post we will talk about winter motorcycle gloves and the characteristics they must meet to combat the cold and offer safety.

    Within the biker's equipment, gloves are extremely essential. Indeed, it works as a safety element, increasing protection in case of fall (hands are usually the first thing that touch the ground) or blow by loose stones. On the other hand, it works as protection against the inclemency of weather, such as rain or cold.

    In addition, motorcycle gloves are essential to ensure maximum comfort, offering the best grip to the handlebar of the bike and avoiding annoying chafing or slips caused by sweat.

    There are motorcycle gloves with different characteristics, some of them lighter and breathable, designed to be used in summer. Others, however, seek the best insulation against the cold or rain and, therefore, are more suitable for winter.

    Winter motorcycle gloves: this is how they should be

    One of the keys when choosing winter gloves is size. Ideally, do not be too tight and there is a small space between the tips of the fingers and the fabric of the glove. That way, you will create a hot air bag and prevent cold from entering your hands.

    • Winter gloves should be thick and incorporate several layers, at least one of them waterproof. In addition, they must be of long cane, to avoid that there is space between the jacket and the glove.
    • With regard to materials, the ideal is to bet on the textile over the skin (leather, cow skin, etc.) as it has greater impermeability and better breathability. The sanity (nylon) is one of the most desirable materials, provides protection against cold and wind and usually has good value and price.
    • Other materials such as Goretex or Hipora, which is waterproof, provide greater resistance to abrasion (although not as much as leather motorcycle gloves). You can also choose winter gloves specifically designed to protect from the wind, the so-called wind stoppers, made of polyester and polyamide.
    • Closures are also important, they must guarantee that there is no cold or water on hand. Ideally, gloves should be combined with various zipper to ensure a better fit.
    • A rain makes the gloves easier to slide on the handlebar. Therefore, good winter gloves will incorporate a strip of non-slip material in the palm of your hand.

    Just like summer motorcycle gloves, winter motorcycle gloves should incorporate protections for fingers, wrists and palms.

    Winter Gloves VS Summer Gloves

    If we stick to some pure summer gloves almost all are usually short. They offer a little less protection but leave a little more ventilation between the end of the sleeve of the motorcycle jacket and the start of the glove.

    If you catch a shower in summer remember that these gloves do not wear waterproof fabrics. You can pull on thin, waterproof outer gloves, or suffer the rain until it escapes. The best way to dry up is to continue going by motorcycle, of course. A good trick to dry the gloves is to leave them near the engine so that with its temperature it dries them while we have a coffee.


    Make sure that the gloves are approved according to the provisions of EN-13.594 (for European product) or ANSI/ISEA 105 for US product.

    For their certification, the gloves must pass different tests that include checks of their resistance to tearing, to the abrasion or resistance of their seams, the materials of which they are composed, the pH of the leather, their indexes of chromium content, sizes, ergonomics, protections and fasteners.

    It is also interesting to look at other small details. For example, there are winter motorcycle gloves that incorporate a rubber strip on the thumb to clean the visor in case it is very wet and prevents us from seeing correctly.

    There are heap of brands and type of gloves available in the market to choose from. Obviously, the pocket is another factor when we consider buying a protective gear. Not all expensive gloves would guarantee satisfying your need and on the other hand, not all budget gloves mean they would not do the job. You just got to be little careful when picking a riding gloves for you. When it comes to balance of quality and the price, then look no further but Gentry Choice. Checkout the collection of motorcycle gloves here and pick the best without hurting your pocket.

    Have you prepared your gloves for winter riding? Let us know in the comment below!

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  • Looking for a Biker style Leather Vest in Australia?

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    When you think of motorcycle riders – or bikers, as they are usually referred as – you think of cool guys with beards wearing leather chaps and a leather vest.  As stereotypical as that seems, leather vests are a staple for many bikers.  Men’s leather vests started as an act of rebellion – following World War 2, motorcycles surged in popularity and men often cut off the sleeves of their jackets in protest of society’s increasingly negative view of bikers.  Motorcycles etched their way into modern culture particularly during the “biker movies” of the 1950’s, like Marlon Brando’s movie The Wild One. 


    Leather Vests Collection

    Why the leather vest?

    The leather vest looks great, but does it serve a real purpose?  Many bikers place various patches with sentimental meaning on the vests.  While the vests don’t help much if the weather turns cold mid-ride, they do offer a layer of clothing that can be added or removed to improve comfort. 

    Many vests come with functional pockets where things like lighters or sunglasses can be stored for easy, quick access.  Motorcycles don’t come with center consoles to store your miscellaneous items.

    Functionality and weather aside, vests are a huge part of the biker tradition.  People who ride motorcycle are a part of an entire culture that has been around for many years.  It’s a look that is immediately recognizable and respected.

    Does style on motorcycle riding matters to you?

    Leather motorcycle jackets are available in quite intricate and original styles.  While the general design is as a sleeveless waistcoat, there are many variations.  Zippers, hooks, or sometimes laces can be seen on the vests.

    Given the popularity of the American television show Sons of Anarchy, Gentry Choice, premier seller of Biker Vests in Australia, even sells motorcycle vests based on the ones seen on the show.  Gentry Choice offers customers quality leather motorcycle clothing accessories featuring both newer styles and the classic styles of Brando, Harley Davidson and many other styles.

    Why to wear a motorcycle vest?

    Let’s be honest – looking cool is the main reason you should wear a leather motorcycle vest.  Something about the sleekness of leather can make any type of clothing look cool. 

    As motorcycles were seeping their way into popular culture, motorcycle clubs arose throughout the world.  Each club has a distinctive patch as an emblem to sew onto a leather vest, proudly displaying your affiliation with the particular club.

    Is leather vest essential?

    The leather motorcycle vest may be overshadowed by the leather chaps, but it is still an important article of clothing any reputable biker must own. The biker’s vest is essential to completing a cool ensemble worthy of riding that steel horse.

    Where to buy the best leather motorcycle vest?

    You will find many places around you to buy a vest. Many claiming the quality being the reason for their high prices and others will talk about authenticity or a brand name to charge you high. Certainly, the design is individual's choice, however the quality of the leather and it's stitching is as important to ensure you get something which last longer for the best return of your investment, feels comfortable when riding and boost your confidence on motorbike.

    The best place to purchase your new vest is the leading seller of bikers’ vest Australia. With many different styles available – including Sons of Anarchy vests – Gentry Choice has something for every different type of biker personality. Our inventory is made of high-quality leather while offering the lowest prices for men’s leather vests. When you are looking to buy a leather vest online, look no further but Gentry Choice – that’s where you will find a quality motorcycle gear for the lowest prices in the market.

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  • Buy the Best Motorcycle Kevlar Shirts in Australia

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    Buy Motorcycle Shirts Online

    Jackets are not the only attires that are meant to give you protection when you are riding on a bike. There are motorcycle shirts that are easy to wear and come with lots of benefits! When you look at these shirts for the first time, you will think these are the casual shirts, the ones you wear maybe everyday when you go out. But actually they are supposed for your protection.

    Let’s have a look on some of the features and benefits these Kevlar shirts offer you:

    Kevlar Shirts in Australia


    It’s not Leather!

    Leather is an entirely different material. Although it is well-known for its style and protection feature, but Kevlar motorcycle shirts are not made of it. It is the flannel that makes these shirts cool and distinctive. Flannel is a soft fabric that is either made from synthetic fiber, cotton or wool. It might not have that shiny surface like that of leather but it is much lighter and suitable for even summer days. So, it is best to wear flannel shirt instead of leather jacket while riding your bike in intense sunlight.

    Motorcycle Kevlar Shirts in Australia


    You will Love the Patterns!

    Yes, of course you will! Kevlar flannel shirts are not the boring ones that you will like to throw outside of your wardrobe. They have patterns that make you a fashionable being. The check pattern is most beloved one. The crossed horizontal and vertical lines represent that the shirts are enriched with smart pattern. Not just this, but the colors are also vibrant and suitable for a man’s personality. Usually the shades include blue, grey, white, red and black. How can these colors and patterns hide your appearance? So wear them and enhance your visibility!

    Kevlar shirts


    There are Lots of Pockets

    Pockets help you to place your essentials carefully especially when you are on a ride. You are not supposed to carry each and everything in your hand. Kevlar motorcycle shirts allow you to place them safely in multiple pockets. There are also hidden pockets in places like shoulders, elbows and back so that you can add extra armour or remove it. In some of the shirts, you will also observe deep zippered pockets.

    The biggest advantage of these shirts is that they look like everyday clothing. The casual appearance and soft fabric make you a humble and friendly person. 

    Choose Gentry Choice!

    Why to choose Gentry Choice? Because it offers huge advantages. This online marketplace is not ordinary. It focuses on both quality and price. You will never see durable and long lasting motorcycle shirts in Australia like the ones that are sold here. Wide set of variety with lots of benefits is what Gentry Choice meant for! The reasonable prices let each person fulfill his dreams. View the product details on the official website, select what you like the best, compare the price with your budget and hit the add to the cart option. You can even choose the right size like small, medium, large, extra large and so on.