• Wear an excellent quality traditional Oktoberfest lederhosen costumes for women

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    Oktoberfest is the most popular festival in Australia. Every single one waits for this celebration as this is the party of world-class fine beer with traditional outfits. And, the most popular and conventional dress for this festival is lederhosen. Women are very much fond of this outfit. This represents the Bavarian life and culture. Moreover, this is the special and most celebrated traditional outfit for the Oktoberfest. We are the leading supplier of Oktoberfest lederhosen costumes for women. We are the online seller and it is better to make the purchase from an e-commerce platform like us. Do you want to know the reason for visiting our shop? Well, continue reading this piece of writing.

    Why should you collect our Oktoberfest lederhosen costumes for women?

    Definitely, you want to collect that attire which is fine and excellent in quality. This is the reason why you should opt for us. We provide our customers with the best quality product. You will get the opportunity to be dressed in authentic Bavaria women lederhosen. The material which has been used for this outfit is 100% cowhide suede leather. This fabric is no doubt excellent in quality. You will feel comfortable after wearing this, as this is very soft.

    We pay our special attention to style. We prepare the lederhosen in a traditional look with a contemporary touch. We decorate our Oktoberfest lederhosen costumes for women with leafy designed embroidery. The shine and color are absolutely perfect for the festival theme party. You will have two regular side pockets, one back pocket, adjustable suspenders and side lacing.

    Now, scroll down to the next subsection to know the reason for opting us.

    Things you should know about our shop

    Everyone wants that she will bag up the best quality product at a very reasonable rate. We know this feeling and this is the reason we never allow third parties in our business. Thus we can maintain our price economical and this is the reason people like us.

    Besides, you can enjoy the home delivery facility. At the time of placing the order, you just have to mention the address and our delivery person will deliver the product at your doorstep.

    You can rest assured with our payment facility. Our payment system is safe and secure. And, the client’s satisfaction is our chief aim. We always try to make our clients happy and satisfied with our products. These are the reason for the popularity of our shop. Therefore, grabbing our lederhosen would be your ideal consideration.

    Bag up our Oktoberfest lederhosen for women

    So, if you want to get the best quality Oktoberfest lederhosen costumes for women, you should choose the Gentry Choice. No doubt this is the leading and reputed online supplier. Once you avail of our outfit you could not have asked for better quality. For a long span of time we are running our business. Therefore, you can completely count on us. So, without wasting your time pick one of your choices and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

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  • Acquire the best quality Oktoberfest outfit in Australia

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    It is known to all that Oktoberfest is the world’s largest celebration often associated with world class beer. With the traditional Bavarian music each and every, the beer tent speaks for itself. This festival runs from the mid or the late of the September to the first weekend in October.  People all over the country in Australia enjoy this festival by tasting fine wines, wearing traditional dress like lederhosen. Perfect attire with perfect style enhances the mood of the festival. Now, the matter is where to get the most comfortable and traditional looking Oktoberfest outfit in Australia. It is indeed tough to select the store. It is undeniably confusing. But, friends, you can make the purchase from our store. If you opt for our shop you will enjoy the shopping as we are the online supplier.

    You may think, why should opt for our store when more than a hundred are there. Well, to get your answer you need to read the entire piece of writing.  Now come to the subsequent passage.

    Reasons to collect Oktoberfest outfit from our shop

    Definitely, you want to avail the best quality outfit. Therefore, you should visit our store. As we are an online supplier, you will get the chance to enjoy the shopping. Some of the reasons for visiting us are discussed below.

    Convenient shopping platform

    If you select our store, you can have a great shopping experience. You don’t have to come out of your comfort zone. From your home, you can make the purchase. You just have to place the order by clicking the mouse pointer. And, the product will be at your door. Thus, it can be said it is the most convenient shopping approach.

    Best quality fabric & design

    You will get the best quality fabric and that is leather. And the leather is 100% cowhide suede. Moreover, the outfit is very much comfortable and well stitched that gives an elegant and stylish look. The fabric is soft and durable and the outfit designed with matching embroidery.

    Affordable price

    You can enjoy a reasonable price for the Oktoberfest outfit in Australia that is second to none in the market. As we don’t allow the third party in our business you can rest assured that you don’t have to pay more money. Once you contact us, you will see the difference that the price is really lower than any physical shop.

    Safe payment

    We always value our clients, so that you don’t have to be worried about the payment option. You will certainly enjoy a safe payment facility.

    Fast Shipping

    Our shipping aim is to serve our customer with the best quality product at a reasonable rate. You will surely get your product within 2 working days, and most of the time we fulfill our orders with same day delivery.

    Get your desired Oktoberfest outfit from here

    So, purchasing the Oktoberfest outfit in Australia from our shop “Gentry Choice” would be your ideal consideration. We are successfully running our services with a huge number of satisfied clients. To know more information about our products and services, read our webpage carefully.

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  • Choose a right leather belt for every occasion

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    Let the leather belt outshine you in every occasion

    Your dress might be perfectly suitable for an outing or an occasion but the dress code is certainly incomplete without a lustrous belt hugging your bottoms with sheer significance. A belt might seem a long and well shone piece of leather but not choosing a perfect one might kill the magnificence of your attire. Apparently, a belt merely seems to be a minor part of your dressing but Gentry Choice believes  to enhance your well-manicured masculinity one needs to hold on to the significance of leather belts in Sydney, Australia.

    leather belt model choose a right leather belt

    Finding designers men’s leather belts in Australia is no less than an exhausting mission especially when you are time poor and have a unique taste in clothing. Like women, men also want to ensure they get their hands on the best available item. Choices vary from individual to individual. Some tend to search for light weight and bearable jeans belt while others search for designers’ leather belts. When it comes to waist leather belts in Australia, men have a varying taste according to their taste and personalized requirement. Some men look forward to buy crocodile leather belts while others are happy with cowhide full grain or even top grain leather belts. Whatever your choice might be Gentry Choice is your confident option to rely on. Gentry Choice is all about helping you buy satisfaction in the form of ideal men’s cheap leather belts with quality leather and designs. We provide the best intricately designed as well as smooth and imported leather belts in Australia.

     Confused which belt you should choose  to buy?

    Range of formal dress belts 

    Pair suitable belt with your dress for an occasion accordingly
    Ever stood in front of the mirror and wondering which belt should go with the current situation? Often men get dressed from head to toe and think of wearing a belt on the eleventh hour. Of course men’s leather belt is an essential element for their dress which cannot be neglected in any case. Following is a quick guide line about the belts you must own for your relevant occasions. Gentry Choice has a wide variety of men’s leather belts locally stocked in Sydney and deliver to you anywhere in Australia.


    Wedding: Whether it is your wedding or your friend’s, you need to dress up according to the charm of wedding bells. Choose the genuine leather auto lock buckle belt to help your dress gain the spot light. From our wide variety of leather belts in Australia, you can also pick stainless gold chrome buckle leather belt. Both of these are highly suggested for any formal yet celebratory event such as walking down the aisle. Comfort with style!

     wedding dress auto lock leather belt


    Motorbike races: For motorbike races, you need to have something which is equal to your highly lifted spirits that can translate your fearless gesture. Since we present you a variety of choices when it comes to waist leather belts, choose the stainless horse buckle leather belt to give your passions a horsepower. You can also enhance your power with jaguar black leather belt. Both of these will reflect your passion and boost confidence when you race. Race with grace!

    Automatic lock Horse and jaguar Buckle Belts


    A walk down the lane or to the grocery store: A random walk around your home or simply covering a walking distance to your child’s school needs something very casual and informal. You need to try Gentry Choice’s vintage reversible buckle leather belt to give you the comfort. You can also win the same comfort with our range of pin buckle leather belts. Quick, easy and comfortable!


    Office: Office is where men need to look not only formal but very decent and sober. Who said being formal is dull? Gentry Choices presents you real leather pin buckle belts. It will keep you stay in form and rock your office hours.


    Date: Insanely confused? Well, you should be. It is such an important day that one becomes overly confused about the dress code. Here, let Gentry Choices help you out. We know exactly how to impress her. Look passionately graceful with our antique crocodile grain texture belt. We have the most well designed crocodile leather belts in Australia. These belts help you boost confidence.

     Crocodile Grain Texture leather Belt


    Gentry Choice knows no disappointments when it comes to men’s leather belts in Australia. There is always a perfect belt waiting to be coupled with a dress. From cheap leather belts, jeans belts to textured crocodile leather belts in Australia you will find your desired belt at the most affordable prices.

    Gentry Choice Australia Logo

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  • Buy Oktoberfest Costume Lederhosen and Kniebund Online in Australia

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    What is Lederhosen?

    traditional men Bavarian Lederhosen

    Lederhosen are breeches, either short or knee-length, that are made of leather. Once traditionally wore by working class men across Central Europe, lederhosen have now become a common folk costume that is generally associated with Bavaria in Germany. While for Bavarian men it is a traditional costume, lederhosen has become quite popular as the most important piece of clothing outfit in the much celebrated Oktoberfest and theme parties. These leather breeches have become popular amongst women as well who wish to participate in the Oktoberfest. The festival is also quite popular in Australia and lederhosen have made their way into the country. If you are looking for a fashion brand that can bring this authentic German traditional costume to Australia, look no further than Gentry Choice.

    Types of lederhosen available at Gentry Choice

    Gentry Choice is dedicated to providing its customers with the best services in Australia by providing a variety of lederhosen options to choose from. You can choose from our select range of lederhosen, kniebund and trachten pants pair that suits your style and taste. We offer different colors and sizes of Bavarian leather costume for men, women and kids and can deliver them fast at your doorstep.

    Features of lederhosen at Gentry Choice:

    • High quality cowhide suede leather and lamb skin leather
    • Classy, intricate various embroidery designs such as oak branch, deer and Munich
    • Antique looking buckle straps to batch the embroidery
    • Adjustable suspenders to allow fitting
    • 2 side pockets and 1 back packet on the breeches
    • Manufactures its own products therefore capable to control quality for customer satisfaction and provide the lowest prices

    Why choose Gentry Choice?

    Gentry Choice offers its exclusive products at very reasonable and unmatched prices. Although you can find cheap costume in market, made of cheap quality faux leather or polyester etc, The lederhosen at Gentry Choice is made from high quality cowhide suede leather which has fine tanned and has been stitched by experts to not only make the breeches look smart but also to provide its users extra comfort. There is a variety of colors to choose from and they all feature intricate oak, deer, Munich and many other embroidery colors and designs for that classic authentic German lederhosen look. Gentry Choice accommodates many sizes starting from XS and going up to 5X-Large so there is something for everyone. In addition, you can also order a custom made size for your best fitting. All of the customer reviews of lederhosen bought from Gentry Choice have been overwhelmingly positive and reflect the high quality of the products and services at the company.

    Buy Lederhosen Online in Australia

    So if you are looking for the perfect place to do your festival shopping, Gentry Choice is the place for you. With our lederhosen or Knibund, you will have the picture-perfect traditional men’s costume for Oktoberfest. Visit us at to view our fabulous collection of lederhosen and get ready for a marvelous Oktoberfest party in Australia.

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