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RIDERACT™ cotton waxed jacket Avista is a trendy motorcycle jacket with a balanced combination of style, protection and weather adaptability with no fuss to choosing a gear in any season. The jacket is cotton made, yet waterproof and featured with essential protection for your safety. Features: 100% Cotton fabrics tough exterior construction...
RIDERACT™ motorcycle riding jacket is made for rider’s looking for stylish wear with confidence of protection on road. The jacket is made from quality cotton fabrics and waxed to repel water penetration with an additional layer of Taffeta inside making the jacket fully waterproof, so you can enjoy your ride even...
RIDERACT™ Denim jacket is an ultimate choice of bikers looking for road safety while riding with style. Experience next level of comfort while on the seat or show off your biker spirit when off the wheels with this piece of gear made with light weight, breathable and high grade quality...
RIDERACT™ Denim jacket is an ultimate choice of bikers looking for style with no compromised on road safety. Experience next level of comfort while on the seat or show off your biker spirit when off the wheels with this piece of gear made with light weight, breathable and high grade quality fabrics,...
RIDERACT™ motorbike touring jacket Companion is made with focus on comfort, safety and weather adoptability every biker will love to experience. The lightweight Cordura outer shell is full waterproof and provides an excellent level of abrasion resistance. This touring jacket will be the choice of riders looking for an all...
Motorcycle riding textile Cordura jacket is made with focus on combining biker's safety, stylish look, comfortable fitting and suitability to wear in changing weather conditions for an ultimate day long bike riding experience with no worries. Features: Textile Cordura 600D quality fabric main construction 100% waterproof fabrics makes this jacket suitable...
RIDERACT textile Cordura motorbike jacket Gaze is featured with fully waterproof, high grade fabrics, comfortable fitting and top of that, your greater protection on road without gearing up a bulky gear. Features: Textile Cordura 600D fabric main construction F2 Mesh outer shell 100% waterproof Original YKK® zippers Foamed Spine panel for...
RIDERACT™ motorcycle textile jacket in body fit style with color combination of black and grey is made for your true motorbike riding experience. The jacket's main construction is fully waterproof and comes with all essential features you must be looking in a riding jacket to wear in all seasons. Features: Genuine textile...
RIDERACT™ Moto textile jacket in body fit style is made with focus on quality of fabrics, rich bikers safety features along with classic look to suite riders from all ages year round. Features: Original textile Cordura® 600D fabrics construction throughout Full waterproof PU rigid plates with high resistant fabric to aid your...
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"This is our brand promotional price and we Guarantee you can not find such a quality jacket for this price elsewhere. You will be amazed once you get this in hand" RIDERACT™ motorcycle textile jacket short fit in black and grey colors combination is designed to suite your classic taste...
RIDERACT textile Cordura motorbike jacket for women is made with focus on quality which goes extra miles, safety features and weather adoptability along with astyle and a fashionable look. Features: Textile Cordura 600D fabric main construction Fully waterproof Waterproof Reissa internal layer Original YKK® zippers Two Zipper vents on front and one at...
RIDERACT™ motorcycle textile jacket for men short body fit style with color combination of red, black and white is an ideal piece of motorbike gear suitable to wear in all season. Features: Textile Cordura® 600D exterior construction Fully waterproof Removable thermal polyester laser quilt lining Zippered opening style with air blocking...

When it comes to Motorcycle jackets, there is a variety available in the market to choose and every single piece of motorcycle gear comes with comes advantage but may not be ticking all boxes you would want. When leather motorcycle jackets are popular from safety point of view, textile motorcycle jackets are popular for being light weight and weather proofing. It is often seen that bikers look for waterproof motorcycle jackets when considering a textile motorcycle jacket. Some textile motorcycle jackets some with waterproofing feature and other come with added safety. So there is always a bit of options to consider and trade off.

Gentry Choice is proud to continuously investing and adding in to it;s textile motorcycle jackets collection so you get most of what you are looking for. Our Motorcycle jackets collection includes waterproof jackets, Denim jackets and Kevlar® jackets in various level of safety rating, features and designs. We aim to offer you best quality textile motorcycle jackets for less in comparison with other motorcycle gear brands in the market while providing the same level of features so you get best value of your money.

Our Denim motorcycle jackets are reinforced with Kevlar® for greater safety while making you look cool on your fleet. Cordura jackets are yet made more for waterproofing and weather proofing while offering good level of safety. Cotton waxed jackets are no double a new trend to go with where you get safety, waterproofing and style all in one. 


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